Gathering at the intersection of art, food, and education

About Fresh & Foraged

Fresh & Foraged was formed at the confluence of art, food, and education. We use these intersecting tools to get folks excited about safely and sustainably gathering wild foods and deepening their connection with nature.

Our offerings intentionally focus on abundant and invasive wild foods. This tickles the taste buds, promotes sustainable harvesting, and helps the environment by removing invasive species.

We value creativity, integrity, our community, and accessible and engaging education.

Carolyn tasting some wild black cherries Carolyn taste-testing some wild black cherries, Prunus serotina

About Carolyn

Carolyn has been foraging and preparing wild foods on an almost daily basis since 2017 when she spent a year apprenticing with botanist and forager Abby Artemisia in the mountains of North Carolina. From there, her voracious curiosity led her on a never-ending quest of wild foods discovery. Carolyn now educates folks on sustainable foraging in the Upper Valley region of Vermont and New Hampshire, traditional lands of the Abenaki.

Although some postulate that she emerged fully formed from the damp forest earth, Carolyn led a nature-filled childhood in the woods of New England. Her wild food prowess has thankfully evolved from the ‘moss smoothie’ days of her youth, when four-year-old Carolyn would present unsuspecting strangers with flimsy paper cups full of moss, touting their health benefits and vast array of flavors. Chocolate was always a favorite.

These days Carolyn shares her wild foods knowledge by teaching classes, creating educational videos, and developing approachable wild foods recipes. She teaches almost exclusively about abundant and invasive wild foods such as mushrooms and weedy plants. This forms the core of her sustainable foraging practice. She believes that engaging with our ancestral food traditions such as foraging, fermentation, and food preservation helps to heal our connection with the earth and delight our taste buds.

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