Fresh & Foraged Wild Food Cooking at Home with Carolyn Dugas
Carolyn Dugas, Forager

Hi there, I'm Carolyn. Welcome to Fresh & Foraged!

Have you ever been tipped off about the edibility of dandelions, eager to harvest the bounty of food growing in your very own lawn, only to spit out the first bitter leaf that graced your tastebuds? Many foragers mistake edibility for desirability, leaving them disappointed at the unpalatable, yet technically edible foods that they harvest.

Here at Fresh & Foraged, I focus on abundant wild foods that are not only edible, but packed with flavor and nutrition. I am here to guide you on a culinary journey to appreciate the finest flavors of the wild through dishes that are easy to recreate at home.

Follow along as our foraged flavor palate rotates with the seasons, traveling from the succulence of young wild greens to the pungent earthiness of the black walnut!