Strawberry Pineapple-weed Spritz

A little wine helps the weeds go down

Posted by Carolyn Dugas on August 20, 2021 · 2 minute read

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Strawberry Pineapple-weed Spritz

Strawberry pineapple-weed spritz Strawberry pineapple-weed spritz

Strawberry pineapple-weed liqueur is one of my favorite wild food creations to gift. As I'm fond of saying, a little sugar and alcohol sure helps the weeds go down! During strawberry season I'll make a big ole batch and share it throughout the year. The brilliant red liqueur makes a great holiday gift if you don't drink it before then.

One of the first questions I get with any wild food gift is What do you do with it? Although this liqueur is great chilled and sipped in teeny tiny glasses, my favorite way to use it is in a spritz, where you basically dilute the liqueur with your favorite sparkling wine. It's light and sippable and you can easily scale it up for a crowd. If you'd like to make a lower-alcohol version, you can swap out the wine for club soda.

I hope you enjoy, and please comment below how you like to use your liqueur!

Strawberry pineapple-weed liqueur Strawberry pineapple-weed liqueur

Strawberry Pineapple-weed Spritz Recipe

This is one of my favorite ways to use strawberry pineapple-weed liqueur - an easy low-tech cocktail, perfect as a summer drink. For a lower-alcohol version, swap out the wine with club soda. The recipe is adapted from Food & Wine.

  • Serves: 1, easily scaled for a crowd

Spritz Ingredients


  1. In a wine glass, stir together the liqueur, lemon juice and sparkling wine. Plop in a few ice cubes and enjoy!

Carolyn Dugas, Forager


Carolyn was born and raised in the woods of New England, where she attempted to feed "moss smoothies" to unsuspecting strangers as a child. Mercifully, her wild food skills have improved since then, thanks in part to a year-long foraging apprenticeship in 2017. Since then, she has been collecting and preparing wild foods on a daily basis. Learn more here.

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