Oyster Mushroom Broth with Fennel

An umami-packed broth to banish the winter chill

Posted by Carolyn Dugas on December 27, 2020 · 1 minute read

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A steaming bowl of oyster mushroom broth with fennel

Oyster Mushroom Broth with Fennel

This is a delightful umami-packed broth that is a great base for soups, rice, and more! For those who are hesitant about mushrooms, it has a well-rounded flavor with more of an ambiguous umami flavor, than a strong mushroomy flavor. My favorite ways to use it are in place of water when making rice or as the base for a simple veggie and noodle soup for lunch!

For those who aren’t familiar, oyster mushrooms are an abundant wild mushroom whose sturdiness and bounty makes them a great candidate for drying. You can also find them in most grocery stores, either dried or fresh, which is great if you just want to get started eating more mushrooms.

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A drop of oyster mushroom broth falling from a spoon A delightful drip of mushroom broth

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